Thank You Michael Symon

Chef Michael Symon changed my life. Or at the very least, my dinners. When he was a cohost on The Chew, he shared a 15-minute meal recipe called Pasta with Chili Oil. It’s quick, cheesy and delicious.  It’s also vegetarian. Which didn’t work well for my family. So over time, I’ve mixed and matched ingredientsContinue reading “Thank You Michael Symon”

College Upgrade: Slow Cooker Ramen

Every time I walk past a pack of instant ramen noodles in the grocery store, I think of college. I, along with many others, sustained myself on this budget-friendly staple. A $5 investment could keep you fed for weeks. My favorite time to enjoy ramen was during the fall and winter months. There was nothingContinue reading “College Upgrade: Slow Cooker Ramen”

Happy New Year? Processing My Feelings in 2021

I woke up a week ago Wednesday ready to take on 2021. By the afternoon, I was over it. I was cast into a combination of sadness, anger, and worry as I watched a group attempt to take over the US Capitol. Rioters waved at news cameras and gave full interviews, justifing their actions withContinue reading “Happy New Year? Processing My Feelings in 2021”