Let’s talk yoga. And general fitness. And mental health. And whatever else I think of.

You shouldn’t be surprised my mind is bouncing all over the place. That’s one of the reasons yoga appealed to me from the start. It was a way for me to focus. But yoga doesn’t just happen on that mat. My practice affects everything I do, from parenting, to working, to sleeping. Yes, sleeping. And I’ll tell you all about it right here.

My Multi-Planner Life

I love office supplies. Always have. Ever since I can remember, I’ve kept some sort of list. My mom would get me those miniature steno pads, and I fill them up with phone numbers, wish lists, random words, whatever I could think of.  By the time I was headed to middle school, Trapper Keeper andContinue reading “My Multi-Planner Life”

A New Unit of Measure

I ran into some old friends from high school not too long ago. We sat and talked for a while, the conversation mostly around how we’ve all fared during the pandemic. We talked about lost family members, chronic illness, job changes, relationships that came and went. And once we took a collective sigh about allContinue reading “A New Unit of Measure”


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