My Multi-Planner Life

I love office supplies. Always have. Ever since I can remember, I’ve kept some sort of list. My mom would get me those miniature steno pads, and I fill them up with phone numbers, wish lists, random words, whatever I could think of. 

By the time I was headed to middle school, Trapper Keeper and anything Lisa Frank were must-haves. Looking back, I know I drove my mother crazy at the beginning of each school year. I’d have to touch every folder, pen, and pencil in the store before I made a decision. 

In college, I discovered Franklin Covey. I don’t know why a college student would spend $30 on a set of yearly planner refills, but I did. 

Over the years, nothing much has changed. I’m still Team Paper Planner; it’s the best way for me to stay organized. I also freed myself from thinking I have to keep everything in one place. At any one time, I’m actively using 5-7 planners or notebooks. 

Crazy? Maybe. But it works for me. Here’s a rundown.

Home Planner. This is where I manage my master to-do list, finances, kid’s stuff, and meal planning for the family. 

Work Planner. It holds all things work related. 

Personal Planner. I use this to track personal goals, and health data – workouts, meals, and medications.

Yoga/Content Planner. I keep notes for designing classes and planning social media content.

Community Service Planner.  I serve on the board of a local nonprofit, so meeting notes and other items related to that are kept here. 

Purse Planner. This little notebook stays in my purse in case I need to jot a note while I’m out and about. 

All of my planners are discbound, so I can swap pages around as needed. 

I don’t track everything on paper. There are few things I keep electronically — appointments, recurring tasks (trash pickup, laundry, etc.).

My system constantly evolves as my needs change. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned when it comes to staying organized — Do what works for you. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

How do you stay organized?

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